AI Company Research

Key Insights From Company Websites


We read every company's website so you don't have to.

Web Scraping

We read hundreds of thousands of landing pages to understand comparable companies, products and markets.


We use cutting-edge AI to build a map of global commerce that is tailored to your specific needs.

API First

Rivl is built for builders. Let us do the groundwork so you can integrate in hours, not weeks.


Find Customers,
Investments &

Cut through the noise with Rivl. Our AI-powered search engine is designed to help you find customers, identify investment possibilities, and keep tabs on your competitors. Turn data into actions with Rivl. The essential tool for growing your business.

Enrich Your Product With Rich Company Profiles

Rivl provides intricate company profiles, with data ranging from brief overviews to deep dives into mission and audience. Looking to expand into a new market? Our geo-targeting data can guide you there. Crafting a killer SEO strategy? Harness the power of our key word insights.